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Answers to frequently asked questions

1. To see what each package covers please click on credit repair pricing at the top of this page.


2. Yes, student loans can be removed, yes they may come back, even i they are removed from your report your are still responsible for paying them.


3. We do NOT currently take clients that ONLY want to BUILD credit. You MUST have NEGATIVE accounts, collections, etc on your file to be considered for services.


4. The Enrollment fee covers processing, getting you enrolled in the portal, and to be an active client of ours


5. IDENTITYIQ is the ONLY credit monitoring service we use and YOU MUST sign up when you are completing onboarding AFTER you enroll in services with us and you must keep it as long as you have services with us. It is billed directly to them and it is 21.99 which is SEPARATE from your monthly payment to us.


DISCLAIMER:We can NOT make any guarantees for removal of verifiable accounts neither can we guarantee that they will never come back. So far we haven’t had any clients who has had anything come back but we always have to add that disclaimer. We have a money back guarantee if nothing is removed within 180 days* please check terms and conditions on our website for details.

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